About Me

Photo of meI began my yoga journey while on holiday in Spain on a walking holiday. There were yoga classes on offer every morning and after the first one, I was completely hooked and didn't miss a single one for the whole of the week. Once I was back from holiday, I searched for somewhere to do yoga near me and was really lucky to discover yoga centre locally, offering a wide range of classes. I started attending classes about 3 times a week and also doing some of the workshops and courses on offer there to learn about meditation and the various aspects of yoga. I had a stressful job at the time, with constant impossible deadlines but I was determined to keep going with the yoga as I recognised how much it help keep me centered. About 18 months after my first class in Spain, I started my Teacher Training Course, at the end of which, I realised I was only just scratching the surface. Since completing the course in 2014, I have continued to attend a variety of courses and workshops to increase my knowledge, both for my own interest and to pass on to my students.

My initial training was in Vinyasa Flow with Avani Yoga. I subsequently took two Yin training courses with Norman Blair and completed my Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator training with the Yoga Nidra Network. In addition to these trainings, I have also completed courses / workshops in Chair Yoga, Yoga for Teens, Pranayama among others. I continue to practice by attending regular classes in Classic Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin as well as my own meditation practice. I also have an interest in Ayurveda (yoga's sister science) and completed an Ayurveda Self-Care course to help me understand the basics of this fascinating topic. I am currently studying to become an Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle Consultant with Ayurveda Pura Academy.

When I'm not working or teaching, I try to spend as much of my time outdoors as possible, either going for long walks near my home or pottering around in the garden or my allotment. I am particularly interested in living a sustainable life that improves the earth for subsequent generations. I've dabbled in Biodymanic techniques in my allotment and completed a Permaculture Design Course. I'm currently working on a workshop to integrate the principles of Permaculture with the principles of Yoga to help us live a healthy and balanced life. Watch this space..

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