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Private Yoga Sessions

One-to-one yoga sessions ideally take place in-person but due to the current situation, I am offering one hour Private Yoga Sessions via Online Video Streaming at the reduced price of £30 for the duration of the lockdown.

Private sessions are for 1 or 2 people. There are a number of reasons why a private session may be suitable for you:

  • - If you want to start doing yoga but are apprehensive about attending a group class.
  • - You already have yoga experience but maybe want to focus on a particular area / direction.
  • - A current limitation, illness, injury or disability makes group classes unsuitable.
  • - You want your yoga practice to be taylored specifically to you.
  • - Existing commitments make it difficult to commit to group classes so you need classes that can fit around you.

Prior to your first private session, I will have a chat with you on the phone about your requirements, what you would like to get from the session as well as any injuries or illnesses that may need to be taken into consideration. It is also important to note, that the first session may be my first opportunity to observe how you move so a minimum of two sessions may be required for you to get the most out of the time.

Private Yoga sessions can be held at Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre in Reigate, Surrey. This is a fully equiped centre with light and airy rooms and a lovely atmosphere. If you are planning on starting group classes after the private session, you may like to have the session here so you can see the centre at the same time. Alternatively, I can come to your home for the session. You will need to ensure that you have a quiet space that can be used without distractions to gain maximum benefit. I am happy to bring along mats and props if you do not have your own.

Personal Yoga Nidra Script.

Yoga Nidra is often translated to yogic sleep. It is a state of awareness that is similar to being in a deep sleep. However, when in the state of Yoga Nidra, there is still an awareness of surroundings, particularly of sound but it's as if it is coming from far away and you don't have any attachment to it. There are particular scripts that are often used in classes for guiding people into this state and the steps within these scripts are seen as yoga nidra but it is the state that you reach that is actually yoga nidra. The steps are just to help you get there and you may not need them, or you may need some, but not all. Because the practice takes us out of the conscious mind, it can help release blockages and allow ideas to bubble up from the subconscious mind making it great for finding solutions to problems, releasing creativity or allowing a profound relaxation to occur, among other things. Scripts can be written using the guidelines of a yoga nidra practice to help encourage particular outcomes, whether it's to help sleep, increase levels of vitality, increase mental clarity, etc... If this is of interest to you, then please get in touch so we can have a discussion about whether this may be helpful to you.


The creation of each personalised yoga nidra script is £50. This includes an hour's consultation and script preparation, a recording of the yoga nidra and one follow up recording with any required changes once you have a chance to try it. Any further changes to the recording will be charged at £10 for the first one and £20 each for any subsequent ones. Ideally the consultation would be in person but if this isn't possible, then it can be done over the phone or via skype.

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