Yin Yoga Intensive Course

In depth exploration of yin poses including anatomy and energetic qualities as well as how to structure a well-rounded practice.

Essential Info

Sat 01 Oct - Sun 02 Oct, Sat 08 Oct - Sun 09 Oct 2022

Venue: Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre, Reigate

Price: £400

Experience Level: Qualified Yoga Teachers and experienced Yin Practitioners

Course Description

This four day intensive is an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in Yin Yoga.

There will be plenty of practice so you get to experience the physical, mental and energetic effects of the practice. In addition we will spend time breaking down each of the poses, going over alternatives, modifications and the different use of a variety of props to make the most out of each pose and making it accessible for different people, regardless of their experience, range of movement and limitations.

For teachers, there will be ideas on how the long holds can be useful for adding additional aspects of yoga, whether it is an opportunity for teaching or incorporating sound. There will also be ideas on how to make a yin practice a more rounded practice with ideas for relaxation and pranayama.

There will be time spent understanding what Yin Yoga really is, how it is different from other styles of yoga and how it works when it can sometimes feel as if we are not doing very much!

There will be theory sessions on meridians, meditation and anatomy with relation to Yin using poses and practice to reinforce these sessions. Part of this will be understanding how you can theme a session for yourself or others, whether physical or energetic.

The Intensive is suitable for teachers and experienced Yin practictioners. If you are a teacher with an existing 200hr training certificate, you will receive a certificate of attendence. The course counts as further training hours for both Independent Yoga Network and Yoga Alliance Professionals. Please note you must attend all days to receive your certificate.

A manual is included as part of the course. Please bring a pen and paper to make notes. You may also wish to bring a packed lunch. There are also places to buy lunch in the local area. 

If you have any questions prior to the start of the course, please Contact Me.

£100 to register and the remaining £300 to be paid on or before the first day of the course. ** PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE **. The earlier you book, the more you can spread the cost!


“I recently attended the 4 day yin intensive course with Maria. If you enjoy yin and want to delve deeper into the practice or if you are a yoga teacher wanting to teach yin, I would highly recommend this course. Maria is a wonderful teacher and extremely knowledgeable in this subject. Thank you Maria, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to teaching yin classes myself in the near future.”

Katrina M, Oct 2020

“After finishing my 200 YTT where I met Maria as she was one of my tutors I discovered yin yoga. I did my yin CPD course with Maria last year and can honestly say it was 2 very magical back to back weekends where I gained lots of knowledge and a deeper understanding of this wonderful practise.”

Jana C, Sep 2020

“The yin workshop with Maria was everything I hoped for and more. Not only did we get to do hours of delicious yin yoga practice, but Maria‚Äôs patient and soothing teaching style meant the entire course was like a yoga retreat. I would highly recommend attending this course, whether you intend to teach Yin yoga or just want to expand your own practice - thank you, Maria”

Caroline K, Sep 2020

“I joined the Yin Yoga course with Maria last year as i wanted to offer my clients a more meditative practise aswell as Hatha Yoga classes. I thought i would find it challenging to be still learning Yin Yoga but found it was a wonderful and deeply relaxing Yoga style. By holding postures for 5 minutes approximately each we learn to let the mind be still and release tense muscles slowly. I learnt how important the fascia of the body is and how Yin Yoga works on this tissue network. I have added a few Yin postures into my regular Hatha yoga classes and hope to add Yin Yoga to my classes this autumn.”

Joanna B, Sep 2020


  • Black and white wall hanging depicting the Yin Yang symbol.
  • Yoga studio set up for the Yin Intensive Course.
  • Group of yoga students in a supported fish pose in a Yin Yoga class.
  • Yoga Teacher demonstrating Savasana with legs supported by a bolster.
  • Two yoga students in Eye of the Needle using the wall as support.
  • Yoga Teacher in Caterpillar Pose with props.


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